Cute Rave Outfits – Girls Ideas For What To Wear In 2017

Rave Outfit Ideas

Cute Rave Outfits – Girls Ideas For What To Wear In 2017

Cute Rave OutfitsIf you are looking for cute rave outfits for girls, then you have come to the right place. This page features some of the best cute rave outfit ideas to wear in 2017.

Raves have always been renowned for being a lot of fun, while raves of today are different to those at their peak in the 80s/90s, they retain the main elements of color, lights, loud music, and a lot of fun.

The best thing about raves is not just the fun and the music and the lights, but it is also the fantastic variety of outfits that people wear.

Maybe we’re a bit partial to raccoons but when it comes to cute rave outfits, this is one of our favorites.

Dressing up for a rave makes the event special in a way that other types of party just can’t touch, and you get an opportunity to look both sexy and cute at the same time. Lets look at some cute rave outfits to buy.

Teddy Bear Girl Costume

Teddy Bear Girl Adult Costume

Teddy Bear Girl CostumeTeddy Bear Girl Costume

Aww the bear is so cute and ready for a hug.

In this costume everyone will want to be able to cozy up to you.

This sexy bear costume consists of a plush brown hooded zip front dress that has a fuzzy front pocket plus sleeve details and bear ears on the attached hood.

You also get matching fuzzy brown boot covers, and to complete the look, you get brown fingerless gloves that have pink paw print detail.

A customer on had this to say about the costume:

This is an adorable costume. I can see how some people might find the inside of it itchy as it isn’t lined. However, that doesn’t bother me. I stand at 5’8″ and am around 175lbs. The dress fits pretty well, a little loose, but not bad. Except in the bust. Where it’s really tight. I think anything above a D cup might find it tight. I find it very well constructed otherwise.

Many people really liked the costume, however, some people did feel that the lining was a bit itchy and some people felt the costume was less of a snug fit for the size that they ordered, than they expected.

Snowy Polar Bear Costume

Snowy Polar Bear Adult Costume

Snowy Polar Bear Costume

Snowy Polar Bear CostumeWho does not appreciate the snowy white look of a polar bear?

Look as cool as ice in the middle of a rave party that could use your cool touch to keep the temperature just right,

The Snowy Polar Bear Costume consists of a zipper front dress with fur trim, plus plush polar bear hood with ears and a pair of cute paw ties.

Boots not included.

No reviews have been left for this costume, but someone that bought it did award it 4 out of 5 stars.

Life On the Hedge Raccoon Costume

Life On the Hedge Raccoon Adult Costume

Life On the Hedge Raccoon CostumeLife On the Hedge Raccoon Costume
Your fellow party revelers will certainly want to be living life on the hedge with you!

This great costumes consists of a crushed velvet brown dress that comes with an attached hood. It also has a fun stripy raccoon tail.

To complete the outfit you also get a pair of matching arm warmers, plus a pair of plush leg warmers.

Boots not included.

A customer on had this to say about this costume:

I love this costume, the material is very nice, thick, SOFTEST not seethrough velvet. The tail is thick and long. The legwarmers are more like bell bottoms. The leg warmers and arm warmers are made out of the same material like a longer velvet, which very closely matches the black parts of the dress which is shorter velvet. the raccoon face is cute and people can easily tell im a raccoon. Only complaint is this dress is VERY short! Im 5’6″, and the medium barely covers my butt. The tail hides any accidental booty slips, but its still very short. I wear black leggings or jeans so I dont worry about it. The v-neck is wide a little revealing, but doable, even at a kids party. Love it!

Raving Tips

Syddees Dees shares her tips on what to wear when going to a rave – especially essential if you are thinking of making your own outfit rather than buying one made for purpose.

Buy Cute Rave Outfits For Girls

Rave costumes create a great part of the raving atmosphere adding to the lights and the music, setting the event apart from any other clubbing event where people wear more ordinary, less colorful and less exciting clothes.

How do you like to rave, are you about color, sexiness cuteness. Let’s have a look at some great rave costume ideas.

Savanna Zebra Costume

Savanna Zebra Adult Costume

Savanna Zebra CostumeFeel like being a zebra? This cute rave outfit will have everyone zigging with and zagging around you.

Let out your inner animal in your zebra costume.

The costume consists of a zebra print faux fur trimmed zipper front dress, which has a hood attached with a faux fur Mohawk accent.

It also has fingerless glove sleeves and a cute tail attached.


Pandalicious Costume

Pandalicious Adult Costume

Pandalicious Adult CostumePandas are so cute, and they are even cuter when they look like you! Go Pandalicious in this sexy panda outfit.

Everyone at the rave will rapidly get bamboo fever when you hit the dancefloor in the Pandalicious outfit which consists of crushed velvet, zip front, panda hooded dress.

It has a lovely ruffle layered skirt design.

To complete the look you get matching leg warmer.

All you’ll need to do once you’re all dressed up for your rave is get ready for a lot of bear hugs!

The Pandalicious Costume has received fantastic 4 and 5 star ratings out of a maximum 5 stars from everyone that bought one at the time of writing. Some comments that customers had to say about this costume:

“The attention to detail (well made ruffled skirt with tail and bows, and well made panda hood with adorable eyes, ears, nose, etc., plus the ruffled sleeves and leg warmers)”


“All eyes were on me! Got a MILLION compliments on havng the most adorable costume”


“This is one of the cutest costumes ever. I really loved it. I recieved compliments all night on my costume.”

The only criticism anyone had to say was a couple of people thought the costume was a bit short, but they sorted that out by wearing some hot pants or spandex shorts.

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